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The biggest reason that homes aren't selling in the current Madison County market is correctly,
but it has to be in tip-top condition to stand out from the crowd.

The best piece of advice for sellers in a tough market is to check out your competition.  Go to the
Open Houses that are being held by other agents and see what those homes look like.  Try your
best to be objective - it's hard to start viewing your home as a commodity instead of the place you
hang your hat - but you have to in order to sell.

Make sure your agent has not only taken good photos, but multiple photos.  Bad MLS photos will
cause agents and buyers alike to skip right over your property.  When there are 50 houses on the
market in your price range, why would someone take a chance on wasting their time to view your
home when it doesn't shine in the MLS?

Marketing is also key to selling your home, and professional marketing is a combination of many
different approaches.  If your home is currently listed with an agent, ask for specifics about their
marketing plan.  If you are selling on your own, it might be time to consider calling in an expert to
take over.

Price it right from the start.  We know that you don't want to give your house away, but you do want
to sell it.  The price of your home is controlled by the market, not what you need to get out of it,
what you want to sell it for or even what your agent says it is worth.  The market is constantly
changing and your agent must keep a finger on the pulse to help you keep your home priced
correctly.  A general rule of thumb in a buyer's market is to price your home about 3% below the
competition - otherwise you may not sell at all.

What does this information tell a seller in the current market?  That your home should be priced
correctly and be presented in the best possible condition to rise to the top of the choices in your
price category. Don't "test" the market with a price higher than recent comparable sales to "see
what happens." What will happen is this: buyers will turn to properly priced properties and write
offers while your home lingers on the market.

Questions about selling your home?  We're happy to help.  Just fill out the form below and we'll
be in touch.
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